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Hello Tumblr people! My name's Kumiko and I am half Japanese and half Caucasian. I love anything that's cute and Japanese fashion is my favorite, but I also love vintage clothes!
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greetings friends!

I have decided to do a give away. I got a studio ghibli collectors set and now I have a bunch of multiples, so I though why not give them away (plus a few other things) to my pals! I don’t have a lot of followers so feel free to join in. The rules are as follows: you have…

the person i reblogged this from has a blog worth following.

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When you ask a Disney Store employee if they have Frozen merch in the store



Oh, dear, that’s no good.

See, that is from our Frozen stock, where supply and demand have a big problem…

Holy cow. How did this post get over a thousand notes in just three days?? O____O



beautiful elf. 
hair goals